A One-of-a-Kind Event
A One-of-a-Kind Partnership

MFF_sponsor_coverThe Milton Film Festival is a signature arts event that has elevated Milton’s burgeoning cultural scene to a whole new level. The Festival accesses a large, affluent, well-educated audience pool from a region that is uniquely positioned both geographically and demographically.

The Milton Film Festival has received extensive local media coverage and continues to see substantial increases in attendance every year. Our audience base is typically aged 40-65, university educated, with strong ties to the community. Our promotional campaign includes print and social media as well as signs, posters, and event cross-promotion.

Our fourth year promises to be bigger and better than ever, and we want you to be a part of it. We seek partnerships with organizations that care passionately about advancing the arts, engaging with their community, and aligning their brand with this unique cultural event.

Packages as unique as your organization

Sponsorship of the Milton Film Festival can be customized to suit your objectives and budget. From product placement and in-kind contributions to an exclusive presenting sponsorship, we will tailor a package to meet your needs.

In addition to complimentary tickets and prominent placement of your branding in all our promotional materials, our upper-tier packages offer the opportunity to place product samples or promotional items in our popular ‘Swag Bags’, to be distributed to all ticket holders.

For more information on our unique sponsorship opportunities, please download our brochure, or email sponsors@miltonfilmfest.com.




  • Exclusive position as ‘Presenting Sponsor’
  • 10 or more tickets per screening
  • Logo in all print and electronic promotions, with the wording
    “Milton Film Festival, Presented by ___”
  • Display at the ‘Welcome Table’
  • Full size logo on back & item inside ‘swag bag’
  • Full page ad on back or inside front page in program
  • Mention at all screenings and promotional events
  • 10 tickets to our VIP reception
  • Other promotional as negotiated

*not available for media or in-kind only sponsors


  • Category exclusivity
  • Up to 6 tickets per screening
  • Logo in all print and electronic promotions
  • Promotional item inside ‘swag bag’
  • Full page ad in program
  • Mention at all screenings and promotional events
  • Up to 6 tickets to our VIP reception


  • Category exclusivity within the Director Level
  • 2 weekend passes
  • Logo on sponsor reel, website front page & photo
    backdrop (on posters & postcards as space allows)
  • Promotional item inside ‘swag bag’
  • Large sized ad in program
  • Mention at all screenings
  • 2 tickets to our VIP reception


  • Special mention as sponsor of one of 8 individual films
  • Promotional item inside ‘swag bag’
  • 2 tickets to the film you sponsor + 2 to any other film
  • Medium sized ad in program
  • Logo on sponsor reel & website sponsor page
  • 2 tickets to our VIP reception


  • 2 tickets to the film of your choice
  • Promotional item inside ‘swag bag’
  • Logo on website sponsor page
  • Logo in program


  • Add your branded promotional items to our swag bags
  • Offer premium incentives to our VIP members
  • Reach over 300 ticket holders and their guests


  • Individual premium membership
  • 8 tickets to the films of your choice – transferable
  • Private opening night reception, including drink ticket
  • Premium reserved seating
  • Year-round sponsor discounts and more

NOTE: These rates apply to cash sponsorships only. Media and in-kind sponsorships will be valued at a rate to be negotiated.